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200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Transform Yourself, Transform the World, Teach

Yoga  Saves Lives

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March 11, 2021

8 Week Immersion 

In Person and Online

At Ananda Lila   we are committed to the inspired sharing of knowledge,

empowering the  creation of the fullest possibilities of health, vitality & happiness by sharing the art of Grace in Yoga Tantra  & Ayurveda 

Our goal is to awaken the teacher in you and  present the opportunity of

conscious alignment with  divine universal energy.


You will find your voice. You will practice connection and listening.

We will keep things fun honoring the multitude

of learning styles for engaged awareness & intentional play. 

You will learn how to teach to the needs of the student adapting to the individual

and creating the space for each class to be a deeply healing experience. 
We focus on intuitive yoga and somatic experience as it can be applied to a

multitude of styles of yoga practice.

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The Ananda Lila Teacher Training  creates the space to hear your needs as a student.

From day one you will be co-creating this experience, exploring discovering and awakening.  

We believe that play is as crucial for the learning process of adults as it is for children.

You will be inspired, entertained and challenged.  Teaching yoga is a gift and a responsibility.  

We are activating human potential with each breath, each movement and each moment.

We believe that as teachers we are the leaders and the luminaries.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training 

Eligible to register through the Yoga Alliance after completion



The Curriculum:


What You’ll Learn


Ananda Lila Yoga School is based on classical yogic principles of being present in the moment and adapting to the individual. We strive on staying connected to the authenticity and the heart of yoga. We know that there is great power in the simple and timeless practices of yoga and there is room for expansion as we need the needs of our changing times. 


You will receive a deep and heart inspired training in authentic yoga. 


We adhere to covering all of the topic hours recommended by the Yoga Alliance and we go much deeper as well. 


You will get the foundation as we will cover the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the history and philosophy of yoga and Ayurveda through the lens of Tantra Yoga, meditation, dharma and karma, anatomy and physiology, sequencing and cueing, chakras, energetics and traditional practices to elevate consciousness, as well as introductions to Yoga Nidra, Restorative, Yin, Prenatal and the Business of Yoga. 


  • You’ll learn appropriate and safe anatomical alignment of the body in the foundational yoga practices and the knowledge to teach and practice in a safe way.

  • Essentials -You will learn Classical yoga Postures and practices, Alignment, breathing practices

  • Fundamentals- You’ll learn the fundamental ideas from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and using the 8-limbs of yoga as a moral compass.

  • Exposure- You’ll have exposure to many different styles of yoga to understand what style of teacher you’d like to become

  • Personal Practice- You’ll learn to establish your own home personal practiceYou’ll receive your own personal Sadhana Practice as well as a personal mantra

  • Business Essentials- You’ll gain an understanding of the business and ethics of yoga

  • Fun & Juicy- You’ll learn about neuroplasticity and the brains brilliant capacity to change, and evolve. You’ll learn the sacred practices of Tantra utilizing universal energy to empower your life, practices and teachings. You will learn about ayurveda, the chakras and more.


Yoga is for Everybody


We believe in cultivating the inner posture of peace in the practice of yoga as the most important priority.  You don’t have to be able to accomplish advanced yoga postures to be a great yoga practitioner or teacher. You don’t have to have the lifestyle of an Ascetic Yogi. We believe it is important to support the cycles and demands of modern life and find out how you can best support yourself and the world around you.


Here’s what You’ll Receive: 

Access to the Ananda Lila Online community


Direct Feedback and support from your Lead Trainers Amber Ananda and Thad Malik as well as   our support team


Live zoom events weekly


Online YTT Manual 

                      In this Yoga teacher training you will be inspired to be the luminary & lighthouse in your community.  The time is now to wake up to living in our divine potential and help others do that as well. Our curriculum is organized and structured this program to be co-created by you. We aim to support every one of our students in the way that meets the needs of your growth as a leader in your community. This immersion is designed to empower you to live and share from the wellspring of wisdom of truth inside of you. You will have the opportunity to find your authentic voice and you will learn to hold the space and navigate through it as you guide classes and individuals in the world. This training is open to all levels of students as long as there is a consistency of practice and desire to share the bliss of yoga with the world.



  • At least a year of consistent Yoga asana practice (2-3 times per week), and a basic understanding of Yoga.

  • You will be  required to take 5  classes (from 5 different teachers) prior to the training, and take notes on these classes. Include in your notes what you loved about the class & teacher, what you didn’t like, their musical choices, how the teacher entered the room & engaged students prior to class, sequencing, adjustments, language, how the teacher moved about the room, did they demo, how your body felt during & after, and anything else that struck you. Please bring these notes with you to training.

  • You will be required to read the required books for the training and submit a one page book report summaries for each. This will create a field of congruency in our understanding and dialogue that we can move from as we journey through the training.

  • A positive attitude. We’re serious! A sense of openness & a desire to learn are truly the most important things you can bring to this training.

This dive deep and create something wonderful  200 hour teacher training program takes place over 19 days. We will be adventuring to many beautiful locations in our 2 week immersion to let the wisdom of the wind and the breath of the body of the earth move through us. We will practice asana tapping into energetic roots of the  and we will explore the philosophies and methods of the art of teaching yoga.  



Our 200hr Yoga Alliance Registered Training covers: 

  • alignment, sanskrit, physical benefits, and how to teach yoga with an emphasis on vinyasa and adapting to the individual

  • practicing and teaching meditation and pranayama (breath work)

  • anatomy and physiology of yoga poses

  • history, philosophy, and lifestyle of yoga

  • the chakra system in relation to the mental emotional & Energetic bodies

  • hands on assisting and adjusting

  • business, marketing and ethics of being a yoga teacher

  • introduction to prenatal and postnatal yoga

  • introduction to advanced asana

  • introduction to restorative yoga

  • introduction to yin yoga


Our 200hr YTT Tuition is $1595 for the in-person /online format

. Also there will be a few books necessary for purchase about $100 worth.  If you need a payment plan to complete the normal tuition price, email us!


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"Thank you for being your brilliant light self and holding space for all of us to expand and grow and root to rise! I have had so much fun in this training. It's been miraculous and much needed journey and I'm so grateful

I got to share it with you!"