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Traditionally Yoga was taught in a one on one environment.  This creates the space for you and wherever you are in your journey to be supported through practices of Yoga that are specifically focused and extremely effective. . 

You may be called  to go further in your practice.

You may have a pre-existing medical condition which needs to be supported with an intelligent and healing perspective.

Maybe simply finding the right class at the right time hasn't worked.


If you would love to experience the practice of yoga at your own pace. If you want the time to learn the basics or refine your favorite asanas while developing mastery.  For all of these reasons and more a private session is a perfect fit!

Utilizing the foundations of Classical Yoga Theory, Structural Yoga Principals and Ayurvedic Yoga Systems we will create a personal yoga program for you. What does this mean? This means that we will use an intelligent understanding of the mechanics of the body to address the postural and structural needs that you may have for balance. This means that we will approach the practice wholistically taking into consideration the breath and the movements of the body as it applies to the subtle energy and systems of the body. Ayurveda is one of the worlds oldest wholistic healing systems and it is based on the principal that your health is maintained by the balance between the body mind and spirit.  


This means that you will be gifting yourself with one of the best possible experiences of Yoga an incredibly healing session.  


This means that together we will create a practice that really works for you. There is no cookbook for this practice of helping you find your own divine alignment and place of balance.  Using the foundation of extensive Yoga Studies and self practice your private sessions are designed to bring both strength and flexibility as well as an overall state of balance to the body and mind. Incorporated are principles of: breathing, Yoga asana, dynamic and static movement, and sequencing. Together we will create A 15-30 minute home practice format, so that you can seamlessly fit this practice into your life. If you would like a longer home practice session we can do that as well.  

In the over 20 years that I have taught yoga professionally I have helped people of all ages and abilities find a way to enjoy the practices and benefits of Yoga. From Children, to Seniors, to those wanting to improve their golf swing.  I have even visited clients while still in the hospital to help them receive the benefits of yoga while in recuperation.  

This is only because I know that your commitment to yourself it what makes all the difference. 


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