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"And while she never felt quite normal, she was no where near crazy. She just loved too much. Choosing to see the world  through her heart, instead of her eyes." 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Jessica Michelle         

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My Passion for Business and Yoga

Yoga Modalities and More

My Journey.....the beginning

From a very early age I was called to the spiritual, to the meditative. I remember being able to sit quietly for hours observing the world around me, watching, taking in the interactions that were happening on both the physical and the subtle realms around me. I was painfully shy. I was stuck in many ways within myself. 


I started diving into reading spiritual and metaphysical literature as soon as I could get my hands on it. I remember sneaking into the first woo woo store in my neighborhood. My parents really didn't approve of this store.  I would buy little crystals and stones. They just felt good.  

With a voracious desire for knowledge I read a lot as a child, even some books I probably shouldn't have. 

I remember telling my friends I was busy because I loved just spending time with myself. It was a bittersweet solitude, somehow fulfilling and yet fueled by the feeling that nobody really got me.  

Yoga found me in High School. When I was also loading myself up with all sorts of other external influences to run from the anger, pain sadness all the things that I didn't want to feel. A broken family parents who, with as much love as they could give, were also disassociated as they dealt with their own journeys.  A similar story to most other indigo children, lol.


Honestly I hated yoga. I didn't understand it, and I wasn't flexible so it wasn't for me. A few car wrecks, a night held at gunpoint and a lot of other stories later, I knew I was done with the darkness. I was done being propelled by my anger and pain.   I found myself at that time inclined to the wild explorations of life and exploring transformational consciousness expansion.  Inspired by the likes of Aldous Huxley and Carlos Castaneda.


I found myself finding my ground after suffering a burn on my feet and legs at 18 years of age. This began my journey into the healing arts, the energetics of consciousness to heal the body and the study of herbology and spiritual inspirations of Seth Speaks and  Neale Donald Walsh.  My next trail marker on the spiritual life came with the transition into motherhood at 19 years old. This began my immersion even more deeply into the practices of yoga, spiritual studies and health and wellness. 


I was then in school studying to become an artist and my focus changed to the healing arts. I literally felt the calling to heal the world.  It has been 20 years since then and the story is still being written. There are many more chapters from then to now that I can still share. 

All in due time.


For now I am most

excited about the story

that is yet

to be written !

The Deets....if you want to know




From 1997 to Present Moment- Studies in Subtle Energy Medicine, Shamanic healing, herbal healing and visionary living with her Spiritual Teacher Catherine Marie, Prescott AZ


From 1999- 2004 Yoga Practice with numerous teachers focused in Kundalini and Bikram style Hot Yoga


2003 – Completed 200 hr YTT Certificate in Everybody’s Yoga Teacher Training from Arizona School of Integrative Studies. This training was based in Integral Yoga philosophy and practice with a strong foundation on integrating the chakras system awareness in to the practice and learning how to teach to Every Body. 


2007 – Completed 750 hour Yoga Therapy Certification with Mukunda Stiles, Author of Structural Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy and a The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. 


2007-2013 Continued studies with Mukunda Stiles in Ayurvedic Yoga Therapies,  Ayurvedic bodywork to release trauma, Tantric Practice


2008-2010] Studies in Psych-K Core Belief Balance Techniques and Professional Facilitator Certification

2016- Reiki Certification




Professional Work life History

2001- Present Professional Mehndi Henna Body Artist- Mehndi Blessings- weddings, Festivals and Events

2002-2004- Owner of Neck- Ease Millet Pillows therapeutic pillows made from organically grown Millet Seed Hulls- sold accross the southwest

2004- 2007 – Membership Manager for the International Association of Yoga Therapists helping them grow from 400 to 2800 members

                        and Helping create and put on the first Symposium of Yoga Therapy and Research

2008 – Prescott College Yoga Philosophy and Practice Instructor

2009- 2012 Founding Board member of Step up for Kids Non Profit

2010- Started Infinite Possibilities Coaching Services

2013-2015 Founding Board member of Namaste Sober Non-Profit

2015-Present -Founder/CEO of Sutras OM School

2015 coached the creation of Mahtab Collective Yoga Teacher Training

2016 coached the creation of I n I Yoga Teacher Training


Teaching History

2005- now- teaching Recovery Yoga and Various Recovery Treatment Centers

2003- Current- Experience teaching Children’s yoga at Yoga Shala, CASA afterschool programs PUSD

2006-2009 Prenatal Yoga at YMCA, 2009 to now Prenatal Classes at Yoga Shala and Sutras Om School

2006- Current experience teaching therapeutic yoga privately

2008- Teaching Yoga Philosophy and Practice at Prescott College

2008- Present Co-teaching Yoga Teacher Training Programs as specialist in yoga physiology, as well as lead teacher teaching every subject

2015 to 2017 lead teacher in Mahtab Collective and I n I Yoga Teacher Training

2004 – Present teaching public yoga classes anywhere from 3-30 per week

 Tantric Yoga , Classical Yoga, Vinyasa, Joint- Freeing, kundalini, Bhakti, Yoga bliss, Yin, Restorative, Ayurvedic Yoga, Chakra Yoga ,Basic Therapeutics, Chair Yoga, Seniors, Prenatal, Children’s , Partner, Recovery Yoga, Meditation


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My Passion for Business and Yoga

Yoga Modalities and More

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